Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My birthday was last Sunday...I didn't get much gifts, the only birthday cake that I got was a slice of creme brule cheese cake Thairy bought for me from Secret Recipe. Which was super yummy!!
I did however had a family dinner at a seafood restaurant in Port Klang called Bagan Seafood Restaurant or something, the honey squid and butter prawn were uh-mah-zing!

Anyway, I did get some gifts, my sis gave me a S&S Headband. Hehehe...expanding my collection of S&S Headbands. I forgot to take a picture of it though...but u can search for it, it's a Bluebird Blockparty headband ^_^

I think Jiacy and Wendy gave me a box of cookies, they left it in the locker for me, I couldn't really read the handwriting (sorry) but I think it was from Jiacy and Wendy...and it tasted so good! I didn't even get the chance to take a picture of it coz I finished it even before I reached home today >.< (I was hungry!!). There were also a small note book, not sure who it's from, didn't say...but I think it's from Joey and Ying Jie coz Joey mentioned it before. Thanks :)

Po Ann also got me a gift, which was very nice! I love it. It's the combination of two things that I really really love...violin & owl!! Thank u Po Ann!! ♥♥

Thairy, my beloved boyfie, treated me extra special for my birthday this year, he took me out for lunch somewhere in Taipan, USJ...Strawberry Field or something was the name of the place. Yummy food! He also got me this custom made bracelet. It has two meanings.
T&W (omit the 'O') stands for Thairy & Wani
TWO (omit the '&') stands for 2 years of relationship ^_^
Thank you sayang! ♥♥♥

Aside from my birthday, there are also other April people you know!
This is what I get for Thairy, one of it is mine of course ^__^
It's a bonus coz the date of the concert falls on May 12, which is a day after our 2nd anniversary ^___^ ♥♥

This is what I get for Wan for his birthday.
It contains some very inspiring quotes.
I also got him a notebook, but didn't take a picture of it :-/
*this "Keep Calm & Carry On" image is taken from Google Image

And finally...
This is not "post" birthdays...this is "pre" birthday. Haha...
Esther's birthday is tomorrow and this is the gift that I got her :)
Happy Birthday Esther!!

Hopefully everyone had ("will have" for Esther, at least until after tomorrow :p) a wonderful birthday this year :)

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