Friday, April 13, 2012


Try and watch that video that I just posted.
It is by Scatman John called the Scatman's World.
I don't know if you know him, but when I was a kid, not yet 10 year-old, I forgot exactly how old I was...I love his music.
I just never get bored of it.
Yesterday, I was in this mood of looking back some of the old school song that I listened to as I was growing up.
Came across that song, and it brought tears back to my eyes. Hahaha...I missed those times.
Those times where music was written to inspire...not to sell.
I know there are people out there who's willing to write crappy song if they are offered a lot of money to do so.
I don't really blame them, money is everything nowadays...there are even people that believe money can buy happiness. I don't blame them too, everyone comes with their own perspectives about things, the best thing I can do is to respect their opinions.

However, when I am involved with music, writing or playing...
I want it to be good, because it gives me this self-satisfaction that no words can money can buy...and I really love those feelings.
I cried listening to a song, I laughed listening to a song...I reacted that way because I can truly understand and relate to that music.
I guess if I ever going to write a music, I want to give that impact to listener too. Haha~

Maybe there will be time where I am desperate for money and people asked me to write or arrange crappy music...I will make sure it is the best crappy music ever written. there even such thing? =P

However, my beliefs is meant to be shared not sell.
If you write a music sincerely, and people can relate to'll give meaning to a lot of people.

It will give some lights in this dark world...

*photo from Tumblr


Anonymous said...

i know how much u love johnny deep. something dedicated to you ;)

Wani said...

Thanks. It's nice.