Thursday, April 05, 2012

To the Obsessed Stalker.

I just found out that a few school girls are stalking my boyfriend.
Look, you're still in school.
My boyfriend teach cello at your school and that's it.
So, here's a piece of advice...
Concentrate on your bloody studies, get good results, further your studies, get a good job and sooner or later, at God's will, you will find your true love.
Stalking is a creepy behavior that's usually done by obsessed people.
And I am NOT a fan of obsessed people.
So, if you please...
Get a life...
and IF you want to stalk, just got to learn to do it properly.
What's the point of stalking if both my boyfriend and I know that you're stalking him PUBLICLY in Facebook...morons.

*photos from Tumblr


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

hahahaha be patience wani...they just a typical gediks highschool students...chill out la. nobody will take terry from u...hehehe

Raveneye said...

been years since i heard from tity... ='(
wonder how is she doing....?