Sunday, May 27, 2012

How should I put it?

*photo taken from Tumblr

I don't really know what to say.
God, I feel kinda pathetic sometimes.
Like seriously...MOVE ON ALREADY!!
I was yelling that to myself, just so you know.

It's just sad...that moment when you are there but everyone else were not there and you wish they were there as well and think how fun it could've been.
However...when everyone else are there...just like how you are history...and began to wonder what have you done to deserve it.

I won't be thinking too much of it if people just stop reminding me of it.
Stop asking me the "Why?" or "How?" and other questions or just simply talk about it and assumed that it won't hurt me at all.
It's painful to hear and even painful to talk about.

Okay...I know...I'm a sad, pathetic human being...
I am aware of that...
I shall go and rot now.

Bye bye~

*photo taken from Tumblr

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