Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Don't Know What to Name This Post

Hello people.
Just thought of giving out some updates.
Yesterday me together with Po Ann, Wendy, Cheryllyn, Fenny, Ming Shu attended this "quite" boring talk on financial stuff.  I was being sarcastic with "quite"...it was bloody boring.  Hahaha :p
Anyway, there is a picture, for the sake of the ECA that always manage to take away hours of our precious time.

As for today, me, Cheryllyn, Joanne and Cheryllyn's sister went to KLCC.
We were looking for something to give Alla, our Violin lecturer in UCSI.
"Why" you ask?
Coz tomorrow is Teacher's Day, that's why.  Now, we must not forget lecturers are teachers too :)
We bought a cool looking jar fill with Hershey's chocolate inside from Candilicious or is it Candylicious?  
Anyway...I also bought something for Ms.Lee, since she's being so cool to teach me composition, so I think she deserve one from me too.  She's currently on leave, I guess I'll just leave it on her desk.
This is what I get her, a mug that says "No.1 Teacher" on it, coz she always brought a mug of coffee every time during our lesson.  Haha :p

AND...I won't leave out other lecturers that taught me before.
I bought a pack of Hershey's chocolates which is this...

Here's the dumbest part...to safe the trouble of separating the chocolates in front of them, I separated it just now and wrapped it in the goofiest possible way.

Stupid, right?
But I don't really have any nice wrappers to wrap it in, and I don't have any amazing artistic skills to make it look...well...artistic.  This is the best I can give :-/

Well, hopefully I won't look too cheesy by doing this...
it's just that I am the kind of person who believe every little thing counts and when there's a day that suppose to make someone feel special...we should make them feel special.
And Teacher's Day is a day where we suppose to make people who has no blood relation to us but willing to give us some knowledge so we can end up being a better person with a brighter future, or in other word, educators feel special and appreciated about their hard work.
I know some people will think something like "You don't need Teacher's Day to make them feel special, just respect them and become someone useful in the future, that's a good enough gift to them"....and they're right, but then, that is a long term kind of appreciation or gift, this is the day to make them feel a little extra special, just for one day, to bring a smile on their face because they feel, at that very moment, how noble is their jobs to the society...and I think they deserve to feel that =)

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