Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DANGER: Compress Mode

I left the blogging world for more than a week.
Busy, busy, busy.
Well, what can I compress about?
Not much.
Gonna share a few stuff...

First thing first...
Had my first performance together with them...Piano Trio group!
We performed Piazolla's Oblivion.
It was quite good, only we didn't get to rehearse in the hall before we perform so we got feedback saying it's kinda soft.
Anyway, here's the video of the performance...

It's not perfect, but I hope you still like it =)

Another thing that happened last week was OSR concert in Melaka.
I didn't take much photo, relying on other people's camera.
One picture that I did take was this...
Wearing red lipstick for the first time...Dania's idea.
We threw a surprise party for Mayya since this is our last concert together.
Done a little bit of failed acting somewhere on that day...luckily we still manage to surprise here anyway, LOL
The concert was fine...bad audience though, talking during performance.  Feel like slapping each of them in the face as hard as possible.
Almost forgot, I also curled my hair for this concert...first time to do so...I look a little bit older.  Hahaha...I think I prefer my current hairstyle...easy to manage :p

Well, I have exam tomorrow, gotta go now.

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