Sunday, July 29, 2012

Movie Mania!

Hello folks.
I gotta tell you something, a few months ago I was complaining on how much I rarely watch movies.
However, lately, these past few weeks...I've watched four movies!  I usually watch one movie once every a few months!
So yeah, this is something unusual to me.

The first movie that I watched was Brave, I wrote my opinion on it in some of my previous posts.
I watched this movie on the very first day of its screening here in Malaysia.  I watched it alone, coz I had such a long gap between classes, and all my friends were busy with something.
Great family movie, not recommended to be watched in 3D but the movie itself is great and the music is amazing.  It got me interested to try and speak in Scottish accent! =)
*photo taken from Google Image

The next movie that I watched, not on the first day of its screening in Malaysia, but pretty much in the same week of its release.
Ice Age 4!  I watched this movie alone also coz of another long gap between classes.
I must say, after the third one, I didn't expect this movie to be that great coz it's not easy to maintain the same quality of humour.  I mean, it gotta be fresh otherwise it will feel boring and recycled.
However, I admit, I literally laughed out loud in the cinema.  It has some funny moments.  It is actually a very fun movie to watch. If you're an Ice Age fan and you still haven't watch this, then you better go and watch it!
*photo taken from Google Image.

After Ice Age, I watched a more serious movie.  This time I watched it together with Thairy, Wan and Lily at Mid Valley.
Dark Knight Rises!
I was never really a huge fan of Batman, even though I pretty much all the Batman movies before, I even watched the cartoon series when I was a kid.  However, I was never really a huge fan.
I gotta admit, after the Colorado tragic incident I found it rather disturbing to watch this movie in the cinema.
But I guess it didn't really stop me from watching it.
I actually kinda like it.  Considering Batman is not really a superhuman hero, but rather an ordinary man with extraordinary gadgets and fighting skills, kind of like Iron Man, but Iron Man has a special kind of heart...Batman is really a healthy man.  What I like about it is Batman is not so tough in the movie, he really represent a normal human being, who face difficulties to achieve victory but fight until the end no matter what and never give up.  I found that very meaningful, I'm sure not everyone will see it the same way, but that's how I see it.  
I must confess that I never thought Anne Hathaway will ever be able to pull off a bad girl character coz of her innocent girl-next-door image.  But I must say that I am impress =)
*photo taken from Google Image

Last but not least.  
The latest movie I watch is not the latest one in the cinema, in fact I think it came out pretty much together with Brave, maybe a little sooner or later, but around the same time.
The Amazing Spider-Man.
It is indeed better than the Spider-Man movies that we watched before...with that guy, what's his name...Tobey Maguire? Or is it McGuire?  I don't know which, but you get the picture.
Funny movie, really brings out the original Spider-Man character from Marvel.
And for some reason it FEELS more like a Marvel story.
Great stuff.
*photo taken from Google Image.

Well, that's it.
I have to stop now, it's getting late and I need to wake up early.
I'll update more soon.

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