Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Composition

Hello people.
From the title of this post I think you can tell what I am going to post here.
I wrote this music earlier of this year.
This is another short and simple music, I got the idea while playing with some chords on the piano, and I used it for a CUBASE project in that semester which has a specific amount of time required.  Which is the reason why it is quite short.
This is a MIDI tracks you're going to listen to...not live.
Sorry, it's hard for a student who only minor in composition to get a live recording performance of all my compositions.
Well, here goes.
Another composition of mine called Sad Circus
Again, I would like to remind you, if you want to share this video, I will be eternally grateful...but I also need you to do me a favour by not changing the original composer, PLEASE, keep me: Wani Ismail, as the original composer of this piece, I am a strong believer in karma, what goes around, will come back around.  So, if we do good and stay honest, good thing will come!  Thank you.  Please enjoy ^_^

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