Thursday, August 30, 2012

That Moment In Life...

That moment in life when nothing seems right.
Sucks, is it not?
That moment in life when you feel like tearing everything up because nothing seems to matter any more because all your hard work ended up being a waste.
Sucks, is it not?
That moment in life when you feel that nobody cares because the person you are counting on most let you down.
Sucks, is it not?
That moment in life when you hate yourself more than anything or anyone else on this planet because you could not reach your own expectation.
Sucks, is it not?

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But then...after all that mishaps of life, something happened...

Something as little as seeing a cute kitten playing with its mother and made you smile.
Beautiful, is it not?
Something as little as turning on the TV and see your favourite movie just about to start.
Beautiful, is it not?
Something as little as going online and someone posted a quote of inspiration and you felt like that quote reflects you and made you appreciate it even just a little bit.
Beautiful, is it not?
Something as little as just sitting down, thinking back all the hard work that you've done and realized that you managed to accomplish something that you've never thought to be able to do.
Beautiful, is it not?

photo taken from Tumblr

Yes, life can be harsh.
Yes, it can be sucks.
Yes, sometime people that matters most can let you down.
Yes, we get angry at ourselves when we fail.

I'm not saying that don't let anything bring you down,
because sometimes in order to get to the top, we need to know what matters most.
And frankly, people usually realize what matter most by learning all the mistakes that they've made in the past.

Failing is hard.
As a person who can't cope well with failures...I know how hard it can be.
It is really hard to get back up to your own feet when you feel like there's no point to it any longer.
I'm still struggling to get back up from some of the past failures that I've had in my life...but I'm trying, and I never intend to give up trying.
Because I believe that life is beautiful, no matter how hard, or miserable, or terrifying it is...there's always something or someone that can make you appreciate what you have or had...
It just that sometimes people are too blinded with what they lost or can't have...until they can't see what's in front of them.

I'm not good with words,
I'm not a philosopher,
I am just an ordinary girl who wish to be extroadinary at something and be the most special to someone.
Sometimes, I do feel that no matter how hard I try, I can never be good enough for something or someone...
But life goes on...we will only live once...
So, I figure...
I should at least try to be the very best that I can be for people that matters, myself included.
I know how it feels like to want to please everybody even though we know we can't make everyone happy...
But even if I can't make everyone happy, maybe I should at least try to make some people in my life to be happy about something that I've done...

I don't know,
Just saying...

photo taken from Tumblr

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