Sunday, September 16, 2012

Strings Attached

Hello again.
I am in a much better mood today (see my previous post).

Anyway, I want to introduce to you lovely readers to a new string quartet group in town.
We are known as Strings Attached.
We play for wedding, party, dinner function etc.
We play music ranging from light classical to more popular music. 

I want to share to you some of our videos, it's a playlists, so, there's a few songs in here.
Do listen to it all if you don't mind spending sometime on it =)

Pretty please with cherry on top?

Well, I hope you enjoy our playing.
And do follow us on Youtube...a Facebook page will come very soon.
You can find the link to our Youtube channel on our blog:
Well, that's all folks.  Thanks so much if you watch all the videos or at least one of it.  Lemme know what you think of it ^_^

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