Sunday, September 09, 2012

Today is a Good Day

Hi people :)
It's less than 30 minutes to midnight.
So, I thought I should update before we proceed to the next day =P
Anyway, I threw an open house today for my friends.
It was really fun.
Islamic Studies friends from last semester were there, UCSI music friends were there, UiTM music friends were there, it was all really great.

Here are some pictures...

From left:  Aishah, Nurul, Naviin and myself.

From left:  Lisa, Fenny, Zhiru, Me, Wendy and Jennifer.

From left:  Jannah, Aiman, Me, Thairy, Ema and Ken.
awesome pose guys!

I know my house is like...far from everything, I really appreciate you all coming all the way to my house. 
Especially those who come by train and were stuck for 20 minutes or so waiting for the train to move.
You people are the best!


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