Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dr.Martens Boots

Do u love Dr.Martens boots? I love them so much.
It's like the nicest looking boot ever.
But I can't afford it though :(
Is there anyone out there who is generous enough to buy one for me?
I really wish to own one someday.
It's not really easy to find Dr.Martens boots here in Malaysia, I checked online, I don't think that there's an actual Dr.Martens store, if anyone knows, tell me! The ones that I found online are basically stockist of the brand, not store. I even checked some at Zalora website and the designs there are not the one that I like...
I know there are some Dr.Martens in Isetan KLCC. Maybe I should go there and check it out. But I bet it will cost so much that the only thing I can do is just hold it and wish that it'll be mine someday :(
My friend Faz, told me that there are Dr.Martens boots in a Bundle shop that cost only rm100++, but then of course...those are bundle shoes. But hey, it could be nice, right?

I wish I am loaded enough with some cash to actually get me one of these!


Amira Rahayu said...

I want a docmart boots too, but the price isn't affordable to me..

Nice blog :)

mind too follow each other via GFC?


Sydney L. said...

They have an official store in the gardens mid valley now!