Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hey!  I want to share something, I bought some stuff online.  I just got it today, and thought of sharing it with you.

The first one, is this Black Petal Overcoat

 I don't normally buy this kind of overcoat, but I have my reason, I needed this type of overcoat to wear it on top of this sleeveless dress that my mom bought for me from Scotland last year, and I still haven't wear until now =S  It's a nice dress, but the problem is, I don't wear sleeveless, my mom kept telling me to buy a jacket or just put on some black blazer that I have, but then it will cover up how the dress actually looks like...
HOWEVER, now that I put it on together with the dress, I'm not sure if it'll make the overall look a little bit awkward.  Sometimes it looks fine, sometimes it looks a little bit weird.
Any thoughts?

The second item that I bought, is this Floral White Blazer.

I haven't exactly think what to pair this blazer with, but I like it and I know I'll find a good match for it very very soon ^_^
But I will definitely welcome some new ideas from other people out there.

The third and final item that I bought, will be this Miss Demeanour Jacket by Mizz Nina.

Kinda reminds you to the high school football jacket, right?  Hahaha =P
I really like this one, it is quite thick and for someone that can't stand the cold, this can definitely keep me warm.  I never know Mizz Nina has a clothing line...until I came across this jacket.  I am so outdated!!!

Anyway, that was my shopping spree.  I bought all these jackets from
I swear to God I need to have a better self control when it comes to shopping.  I am becoming more of a shopaholic now T-T

Lastly that I want to add before I conclude this post, last night was the Songwriter's Night Concert at the Recital Hall of UCSI.  I played for Stephanie's composition.  It was overall a nice concert, I kinda prefer the first Songwriter's Night Concert, but last night was still great =)
I took a few photos, but let me just put a couple of it here.

 *me being always.

*after the concert

That's it for now.
You'll be hearing from me again...soon ^_^
Bye~ Take care!!

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