Monday, October 08, 2012

Picture Perfect

Hello people~♥
Last Saturday, I went to watch Zainal Abidin's concert in Istana Budaya with Thairy.
Got free tickets from En.Bahizal.  Haha, Muzik Muzik interviewed us...I swear it was very awkward, I kept making stupid faces =_=
Didn't take much pictures though, only these two-already-edited photos

And I also did another horror photo editing...


As for yesterday, I bought some clothes.
Me and Thairy bought a Malaysian football jersey with our own names printed at the back, and the number 11, our anniversary date ^_^

Also...I bought a new dress, only because it's on sale...70% baby!! I got it from Subang Parade.

Well, I gotta go now.
Talk more in the future.
Bye bye~

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