Saturday, October 13, 2012

Something New ^_^

I went out to The Curve by myself today.
I know right, what is up with me and going out alone -.-"'s raining season at the moment, raining all the time.
I wasn't planning to stay at home coz I was bored, so I went out to The Curve and I bought something new...

I bought me-self a camera!!
This here in the picture...this is my new the same colour too ^_^
*photo found in Google Image

I wasn't really planning on buying pink camera...but this is the only one left.
There was a discount.  Original price was rm1.4k, and I got it for rm900.
Exceeded my budget a little bit, but it is a nice camera.

A lot of people told me to buy DSLR camera...or those kind of camera...
But I am not really a photographer, I don't use camera all the time, I was looking for something small, easy to carry, can take nice pictures and cost less than rm1k.
So yeah, obviously DSLR camera doesn't fit into the criteria.  Hahaha =P
I just can't afford DSLR, I don't earn that much in a month to actually get myself some fancy looking camera.
Some youngters are just extremely lucky and yet very ungrateful.
They have their parents to buy all these nice gadgets for them...iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, PS3 and so many other stuff...and yet they never stop complaining about their parents.
I know I am more fortunate than some other people, thank God for that, but I earn all the money that I need all by myself to get the things that I want.
You think I don't want DSLR camera?  You think I don't want The New iPad?  You think I don't want to use Macbook?  I do...but I can't afford them coz it will probably take me 2 years to earn each of those things.  Some people are just so ungrateful, if you think what you have are not good enough to satisfy you, then donate it to those who will actually appreciate it.  At least you're doing something good in your life.

Anyway, to conclude...

This is the very first picture that I took using my new camera ^_^
Bought it at Harvey Norman, Ikano Power Centre.
Weird how I walk around without any purpose from Curve to IPC and ended up buying a new camera.  LOL.

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