Sunday, November 04, 2012

La ♥ La ♥ La

Hello people.
Sorry that I haven't been updating too much.
I just got back from a gig in Terengganu.
Disastrous start of journey, which was on November 1...I got into a car accident and I cost the journey to be delayed by one hour (at least).
First time I got into a serious accident and everyone knows of it =.=
The thing that make me feel absolutely worst about the whole thing, is not the accident itself...but the fact that I need to travel to Shah Alam when I could've gone to somewhere else.  That was the place that I suppose to go to because it is closer to home and it is just along the way anyway.  Then, I got a call a few days before asking me to go to Shah Alam because everyone will go from there...okay, fine...I drive to Shah Alam.
When I got into the accident, I called someone whom I thought to be in the place we suppose to meet...until she said she is waiting at the place that I was originally suppose to wait.  THAT just made me feel like an idiot.  It made me wondered...are people constantly trying to make a fool out of me?  Are people trying to bully me around?  I could've save the toll money as well as the petrol money and my precious time...but instead, I need to pay for all that and on top of it all...caused such delay on the journey.
I don't blame anyone for the accident because it is my fault, I am aware of doesn't change the fact that the situation of me driving to Shah Alam just made me feel like an object of everyone's joke or something.

Well, enough with me and the negative feelings.
The trip to Terengganu was overall quite a fun one and also very tiring.  I ate a lot.  
I took a few pictures, and these are some of it.

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