Sunday, November 11, 2012


I started teaching violin in a music centre in September 2010.  It has been more than 2 years.
All my students are growing up ^_^
Two of my students will be taking grade 5 exam next year, one already passed grade 5 exam, another one didn't take any exam but already around grade 6 level.
Teaching is definitely not my best cup of tea, it is not easy, it requires a tremendous amount of patience.
However, at the end of the day, when you see how far your students is a wonderful feeling, you can kinda tell how parents feel like when they see their kids grow up into someone they can be proud of.

Well, enough of the sentimental thoughts...
I wanna show you some stuff from work.
One of my student went to Japan and bought this for me...

no...not the phone, but the Stitch hanging over my phone =)
And today, there was a teacher's birthday, and we celebrated...and the cake was really nice ^_^

I don't really talk much about work in my blog.
Well, maybe I will someday.

I will go to Cambodia tomorrow for the ASEAN-Russia Orchestra programme.  Nervous for it :-/
I'm not sure if I can update my blog from there, I won't bring my laptop, only my iPad.  And my iPad is the first generation one...the one that doesn't come with camera, so...even if I can update, there won't be any pictures.

Well, I gotta go now, wish me luck in Cambodia ^_^

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