Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12

Quote of the Day.
*Photo taken from Tumblr
December 12, 2012, or as people call it, 121212.  The last repetitive date of the century.  I saw countless of my Facebook friends wrote "121212" as their statuses.  So, I thought of writing a post on this day rather than a status about it.  I'm sure everyone has their memorable moments today.  As a musician, a really big news came to my attention as I was scrolling down my Facebook homepage. Do you know who is Ravi Shankar?  He is a well-known Sitar player.  He is probably the national treasure of his home country, India.  If you do not know who is Ravi Shankar then you should go to Google and search for that name or go to Youtube and search for some of his performances.  Getting back to the "big news" that I mentioned earlier, I will not say that it was a good news, rather, a quite sorrow one.  At the age of 92, the famous Ravi Shankar passed away in a hospital in the United States.  Through my journey as a musician, I never stop trying to appreciate every kinds of music.  I admit, I don't really enjoy all sort of music.  If you put on that Oppa Gangnam crap, I will definitely make stupid faces.  To make it simple, any loud music that people can usually hear when they go clubbing...I will hate those to the very core of my soul.  I won't say those who enjoy them are insane, I have no rights to say that.  However, I really do hate those annoyingly loud music.  Although, I do enjoy some traditional music, especially Indian traditional music.  I won't say all the time, because it is usually very long, and I don't have the patience to listen to it for 3 hours straight.  However, I have to admit, growing up in a multi cultural country such as Malaysia, I was expose to a lot of traditional music...and I do enjoy Indian music a lot.  I, for once, always dream about learning how to play the sitar...but I don't want to be serious in it, I just want to know how the instrument works and how to write for it and just have fun with it.  I don't know, I still don't get the chance to do so.  Anyway, Ravi Shankar, you did your country proud, you brought Sitar to a new level of appreciation, and most of all, you will be missed ♥

Ravi Shankar, RIP.
*Photo taken from Tumblr

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