Monday, December 03, 2012

Composers Concert Series

Hello again.
I went to watch the Malaysian Composers Concert Series at KLPac last Saturday and Sunday.
The original plan was to only watch on Saturday because that was the day where Thairy's composition being performed.  Somehow I ended up coming again on Sunday to watch the orchestra performances of new compositions.  I wonder, how do these people get their pieces performed...I want too :-/

Anyway, I don't have much to say, some music I find it very nice, others is a little difficult for me to understand.  It's still nice to see some of my friends again.

Thairy and I after the concert on Saturday, December 1.
Before I end this post, I want to share a video with you.
It is Thairy's composition ^_^
I am proud of my boyfriend, hopefully more will come in the future.

So here it is, I give you...Gigantes, an original composition by Thairy Tasuim Hassan.
Performed by Lachlan Dent and Iqbal Kamaruddin.

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