Friday, December 07, 2012


I just came back from MPYO concert, by the look at the time...should be yesterday, December 7.
This concert, was the first MPYO concert that I attend ever since I am no longer in the orchestra.
A pretty huge step for me in moving on...if you don't know the story, don't bother asking, I'm too lazy to explain.
When I walked into the hall, I expected to have this nostalgic feeling and start missing the orchestra when they start their first note.  However, to my surprise...I don't miss it at all.
As a matter of fact...I don't even feel like going for anymore MPYO auditions in the future.
I don't know why, but this is how I feel after watching the concert.  Feelings can change through time, but at this very moment...this is what I am feeling.
I have to was not as good as I hoped it will be, well, most of the players are fresh at the whole orchestra playing it sounded rough at the edges.  
However, there is one section in particular...I won't mention which...that screwed up A LOT.  Damn it, why are you even in that prestigious orchestra?  I got so pissed off at how a good build up was ruined by a horrible sounding entry by "that" particular section.
I didn't take any pictures even though I brought my camera, I wanted to...but didn't get the chance.
I left right after the concert was over, didn't wait.  Went to have late night supper with Thairy after concert.

In my opinion, the golden days of MPYO will be during its early years...that is when all the amazing young players joined the orchestra.  It is not easy for the new players to fill in such big shoes...I guess it is understandable why I don't think it was good enough.  I guess in my mind, I still have the sound of the orchestra from a few years back.  Oh well, life goes on.


Ahmad Aliff Yusof said...

So you did go to the MPYO concert? What did you feel about the overall standard? Was the repertoire choice good?

Wani said...

Choice of repertoire was quite ambitious. Since most of the players are still new to the whole orchestra playing thing, so, those pieces might be too big for some of them. I can't tell u in details here, maybe when we meet up I can tell you even further. Nanti main show New Year's Eve at Putrajaya tu kan? Right now, the standard kalau compare with a few years back mmg drop la, but I think in 2-3 years it will get better....hopefully.