Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I just finished reading a book by Lauren Conrad called The Fame Game.
The cover looks something like this...

I was an immediate fan of Lauren Conrad when I read her L.A Candy series.  Those 3 books were so fun to read.
Similar to the L.A Candy, this new book of hers is just as good.
It basically a continuation from L.A Candy, but not with all characters of course, only those who are in it for the fame and fortune.  Hahahaha.
It is definitely a fun book to read, I can't put it down.

Honestly, I bought this book ages ago but never got the chance to read it until now.
I guess I got the motivation to read up all the novels that I haven't read after I went to BBW book sale.  Hehehehe...

I am not sure if guys will love this kind of book, but I do know a lot of girls will enjoy this.
It's hard for me to explain why, I just feel that way.
I might be wrong.  Anyway, if you want something fun to read, this will be a good choice ;-)
However, if you haven't read the L.A Candy series, then I would suggest you to read that one first coz The Fame Game basically picking up from where L.A Candy ended.  There are three books altogether:  L.A Candy, Sugar and Spice, and Sweet Little Lies.

Well, I still have more than 10 novels to go.  LOL!!!  I should stop buying books until I finish reading all of them >.<
This is what I meant by me having the tendency to overspend all the time =/

Anyway, I gotta go.
Bye bye~~

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