Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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♥ Movie ♥
About three days ago, I went out with Thairy and we watched The Hobbit together.
The movie that I have been waiting for so long, I finally watched it =)
Some of you might already know that The Lord of the Ring trilogy is my #1 favourite movie of all time.
So, having The Hobbit now is a wonderful thing.
I really truly enjoyed it.  It definitely brings back some memories to LOTR.
The music is nice, I love the fact that Howard Shore return to write the music again, it is very much connected to LOTR and that is good.  When I see some of the familiar places again such as the Shire and Rivendell, it brings this nostalgic feel thanks to the music.
I would highly recommend everyone to watch this, especially if you enjoy LOTR.
Since The Hobbit is also a trilogy...it will give me something to look forward to for the next two years to come 

*photo taken from Google Image
♥ Sale ♥
For the past few weeks, there was World's Biggest Book Sale that took place in Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC).  The name of the sale is Big Bad Wolf or as some people call it BBW.
I went to the sale right after I watched The Hobbits.
The books there were extremely cheap!!
I got the same book that I've seen in book store that cost RM30 or RM20 for only RM8 or RM10!!!
Also, there's this box set of dictionaries that I know will cost more than RM100 in normal book store but I got it for only RM30.  AMAZING!!!!
Even if you don't like to read, I'm sure you will not want to walk out empty-handed.
I hope it's going to be a regular thing in the future.  I spent RM84 at the sale, I know it's not much, but I kept telling myself to not be deceived by the price and only buy books of my interest or books that will come in handy in the future.
I am currently in a state of training myself not to overspend, since I tend to overspend A LOT this year.  I need to save some money coz I am planning to buy some stuff that will need lots of money next year.

all of these books for only RM84, not bad, right?
Considering most of them are hardback cover and not paperback =P
♥ Party ♥
Now we go back two days earlier, on Sunday.
One of my colleagues from work organized a BBQ party at her house.  Just to get together before 2013 =)
It was fun, basically the first party I ever attended with my colleagues.
I don't really know most of them considering I only work on Sunday and the others work a few days in a week except Sunday.
It was fun, I was so full that I can't move.  LOL.

*photo taken from Marilyn, the host of the party ^_^
♥ Wishes ♥
Last but not least, it won't be right to just end this post without any wishes on this special day.
I don't celebrate Christmas, but I have a lot of friends who celebrate it and there are millions of people out there who celebrate Christmas too.
I am here to wish everyone in the world who celebrate this special day...have a Jolly Merry Christmas.
I hope you have the best times with the people you care about.
Have fun!! ^_^

*photo taken from Tumblr.
Merry Christmas!!!

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