Thursday, December 27, 2012

Planning Ahead...

I am among the few people in this planet that still uses extremely basic phone, which is only for texting, calling and listening to some music...and that is all.
I've been thinking of buying myself a smartphone since a few months back.  One thing about gadgets that I am not very fond of is how quickly that "world" change.  One day everyone using this kind of phone...people go crazy over it, spending lots and lots of money and a few months later a new model will appear with pretty much the same thing but maybe bigger or smaller, and people will go crazy over that one and the cycle continues.
That is basically one of the reason I am still using my very basic phone, all my phones never cost more than RM500 in my life...NEVER!!
However, I think it is time for me to change phone, because this time I kinda have a reason to invest a little for a new phone.  I have been blessed with a few good paying gigs within this week until middle of January.  I figure I could use a little bit of that money to get me one of those pretty looking smartphone.

Now, the question after I made that decision will be....which smartphone to get?
One thing about me...I am the kind of people who will easily lose interest in things that are too common to most society.  Samsung Galaxy and iPhone will be a good example for this, it is a cool phone to own...with some very nice features and loads of fun and useful applications...but there's a voice in my head that says; "using Samsung Galaxy or iPhone is just too mainstream"  LOL =P
Some people suggested Blackberry to me...but somehow it just doesn't shine through into my interest, not my cup of tea.

HOWEVER, there is one smartphone that manage to caught my eyes and now I am kinda interested in buying myself that phone.
It will be Nokia Lumia 920...and I have a specific colour that I want, which will be Yellow.
I don't know why I want Yellow...I's a rare colour don't you think so?  Mostly I see black, silver, pearl white, navy blue or even red....but rarely yellow.
Which just makes it..."not too mainstream"  LMAO!!

I am aware that Nokia Lumia is using Windows and not Android, but I don't seem to mind.
I am always easily distracted, so if having Windows instead of Android can help me to reduce the amount of distractions, that will just make it a better choice.  I looked up for the price, Nokia Lumia 920, which is the newest model (for now), is selling at RM1999.  Maybe I should stop by a Nokia store somewhere in the future for a survey.

It looks pretty good in yellow, don't you think? =P
*photo taken from Google Image

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