Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Something Special

Hello readers... (If there is any)
Lately, I've been getting wasted with One Piece marathon.
It's just so hard to stop watching it.
I am currently at episode 452.  Still a long way to go.  I looked up online, the latest episode now is 577.  I only have until episode 500.  I am trying to get more episodes until 550...we'll see.
I am not really an anime fanatic.  I barely watch any anime series.  Some of the anime that I followed will be Samurai X, Cooking Master Boy and currently, One Piece.
I have to admit, One Piece is the best one that I followed so far...not to mention the longest.  I was so reluctant to watch it back then, my brother did asked me to watch, I ignored, then a few years later Thairy asked me to watch....so I tried...and I must admit, it got me since the first episode.

No anime manage to make me laugh so hard until my cheeks hurt, no anime manage get me so emotional that I cried...One Piece is....something special indeed.
A story based on dreams, determination and unusually amazing friendship.
It's hilarious, stupid but at the same time powerful and meaningful.  There's just a lot of mix ingredients that it created something different.
My favourite character in One Piece is non other than the man himself, Monkey D. Luffy.  The way I look at him is exactly the same way on how I look at Woody from Toys Story.  Which will be a good leader, as well as a good friend.  It is because of this, I respect Luffy so much.  
It is quite unusual for me because I don't usually like the main character of the story.  Like when I watch Lord of the Rings, I like Sam and not Frodo.  Or when I watch Twilight and I like Carlisle and not Bella, or Edward, or Jacob.
However, it is different for One Piece, Luffy is definitely worthy to be the main character of One Piece.

So, before I stop, just want to share with you this collage of One Piece that I made.
I included Princess Vivi, Mr.Two and Ace inside here as well because they are some of the special characters in One Piece that I think of them just as important as the rest of the Mugiwara crew.

One Piece


SyahiraSepeai said...

Hi there. found that we both has a lot of similarity. lol. Dr M boots and One piece! yeayy. Okay so Ive one place in Padang Jawa, cherry dr m rm 250. lets check it out. hihi

Wani said...

Where exactly in Padang Jawa?