Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have been away for over a week now huh?
I've been busy.  After being involve with Ambang 2013 gig in Putrajaya, I played for Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-27.  I have one thing that I want to say to one of the tagline for AJL 27.  It says "Gabungan Seni dan Muzik..." or something like that...I find that stupid, music IS can you say the combination of arts and music when music is already an art by itself?  Idiot.  This is what happen when people look at music as something that is nothing more than just pure entertainment.

Anyway, Aliff took lots of photo during AJL rehearsals and concert.
Here are some random shots that I quickly take from Facebook...

Next week I will be involve with NSO's Classical Concert.  Will be playing Rachmaninoff's Symphony No.2.  I hope I will survive :(

Anyway, I have news to tell you.  I've been talking about Lumia 920 for quite sometimes.  Guess what?  I bought it!!  However, sadly, I didn't manage to get it in yellow like how I wish.  Mine is in white.
I won't say that I am an "official" smartphone user yet coz I haven't buy the data plan thingy with the mobile internet thing...a little difficult to get since my SIM card is under my dad's name, not mine.

*Image taken from Google Image

I am pretty happy with it, I'll be happier if I could get it in Yellow...or in other brighter colour, but I am still pretty happy.  Not because of the colour, mostly because of my accomplishment in getting this phone.
Every single cents that you can count in the retail price of this phone, will be completely from my own sweat. I worked hard for it, and I earned it through all the obstacles rather than asking my parents for the money.  They won't give me even if I ask them, hahaha.

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