Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What Remains

Happy New Year everyone.  Hopefully most of you start 2013 nicely.
For me, I've been pretty busy lately.
I played for a new year gig in Putrajaya.  A concert called Ambang 2013.

*credits to Aliff for the picture

Today, I went out with Thairy, and we spent the first day of 2013 at the cinema watching Les Miserables.
I cannot believe I cried at the end of that movie.  What can I say about that movie...let see...first, if you are not a fan of movies that tells the story through words rather than actions...then this is not a movie for you.  If you don't like musical, then this is not a movie for you.  I personally love the music from Les Miserables, so I enjoyed it.  For those who are not familiar with it, they might find it quite boring.  Long story short, it is not for everyone.  In my opinion, it is a good movie...with of course, beautiful music.  The music was one of the reason I wanted to watch it in the first place.
*photo taken from Google Image
Other than the movie we ate at Carl's Jr, I went to do a little shopping at Body Shop, not much.

I didn't do any flashback of 2012 like most people did in Facebook, Tumblr or in their own personal blog.  My 2012 was pretty bad, I just want to move on from it and not wish to remember it.  
It is of course not always bad, there are some wonderful moments in 2012, such as my trip with ASEAN-Russia Symphony Orchestra (ARSO) to Cambodia, still very much in love after more than 2 years in a relationship with a great man, I realize I have some amazing friends that will stood by my side during hard times, even though we rarely hang out together.  It wasn't all bad, but the down moments are too big that I just prefer to close the book and never look back.  Just leave the wound to heal slowly, by itself.

New year resolution?  Not to re-live 2012.  Hahahaha.
And of course, I want to get me-self one of those pretty smartphones!  I have my eyes on Nokia Lumia 920, but I asked one of the salesman in a Nokia store in 1utama, and he said this phone is pretty limited in Malaysia coz not many are imported in.  The Yellow Lumia 920 that I really want will be like a "limited edition".  How stressful, I really want it in Yellow and I'm not even sure when I will drop by the Nokia store to purchase it since I'll be quite busy starting tomorrow until end of this month.  Also, if I want yellow, I have to buy it separately from the Smartphone data plan coz if I go to any Telco service centres, they will only sell it in Black and White....BORING!!!  Nevermind, I don't mind buying it separately.  I just hope I can get it in Yellow...if I can't then Red is pretty nice too.  I just hope I don't have to end up buying black or white...I really want to buy it in an interesting color!

Well, I have to go now, semester starts tomorrow ^_^

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