Monday, February 25, 2013


I have been doing a lot of online shopping since last year.
I guess because I can get designs that I want that I can't find while on an actual shopping trip.
One thing that I have been waiting for will be a long black dress that I can wear to perform on stage.
In orchestra, ensemble or solo, doesn't matter, as long as it is formal enough for a concert.
It's just so hard to find online or in a store, because it is either I don't really like the designs or the price is just too expensive.
Another reason is because I don't wear sleeveless, so it is quite hard to find a long sleeves black dress that actually looks...nice?  Most of the ones I found are like a robe or something...nothing wrong with that...but I'm not really looking for a robe :-/  And robes can be really expensive too O_o

Anyway, today, I was browsing, the place where I always do my online shopping besides  As I was looking through some of the new arrivals, I came across a maxi black dress, long sleeves and within my budget too.  So, I thought, better not postpone this coz I've waited too long!
So, I bought the dress.  Expecting it to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday this week ^_^

*taken from FashionValet.Com

*taken from FashionValet.Com
There are actually two other designs...but somehow this caught my attention more than the other two ^_^
Finally, I own a black dress suitable for concert!


Zakian Sulhi said...

nice one wani! this is amazing

Wani said...

Thank you ^_^ Lama dah cari a long black dress. Skali jumpa, mmg terus beli walaupun dh janji kt diri sendiri tak nak shopping sampai duit dh byk blk. hahaha.