Friday, February 15, 2013

Gifts ♥

Hey everybody!  What did you all do during Valentine's Day yesterday?
Me?  Nothing, went to class in the morning and stayed at home in the afternoon until night time.
Don't be sorry, coz I'm not really that sorry.  Not really into V-Day.
Anyway, I did received a package from my sister all the way from Scotland.
I've been waiting for that package for two weeks or so.
I bought two music books online and I sent it to her house since the seller don't ship to Malaysia.
I was only expecting two books and a jeans because I know she bought me a jeans.
To my surprise, I ended up looking like a kid opening presents on Christmas day.  LOL.
There are more than just books and jeans...
There's a dress, FCUK watch!! Chamomile tea coz I told her how much I love chamomile tea, a bag from Clark.  I wasn't expecting so much stuff to arrive for me.  Hahahaha.
At least I did received some gifts on Valentine's Day after all =)


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