Sunday, February 03, 2013

My Burger Lab

Thairy and I ate at MyBurgerLab for the first time today ^_^
It's located in Seapark area, somewhere in PJ.
It's a pretty cool place, interesting burgers!!

what I ate
with his burger. LOL
me with mine.  Muahaha!
Before our trip to MyBurgerLab, 
We went to Setia City Mall to watch Hansel & Gretel.
A surprisingly brutal movie...full of violence...I totally didn't expect that.
And...that is probably the only thing that I didn't expect, the movie is quite predictable.
Music by Hans Zimmer, can get that Sherlock Holmes+Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it.  Hahaha.

My recommendation?  If you can't take violence...don't watch it.  It's not really in the extreme level of violence or anything...but it is definitely not suitable for kids...or people under 18...

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