Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wake Up!!

I am not asking much, but for you to just watch the video that I posted.
It was a shock to me when I watched it earlier today.
We all dare to call this planet our home but we did nothing to care for it.
We are the most selfish creature ever existed.
We only care about our comfort in life that we neglected the lives of others that share this home with us.
We only care about how much money we can gain that we neglected the consequences of our action.
I know this world that we live in is just temporary, but it is sad to see that it will end because of our own greed.
Even in the street of KL, when I walked or drive in that town I can see garbage along the street, retard people throwing their junk around the dustbin rather than in it, drug addicts walking around asking for money, or just lying at the side of the road with no purpose in life.
Cats and dogs being tortured by kids because they think it is fun, and nothing else.
I am aware that this is not only happening in Malaysia, but pretty much a global issue...
What a terrible world I am living in.
I feel terrible and hopeless for not being able to change this...not without the help from everyone.
How to get help when all that everyone can think of is how to make more money?
Is it worth it?  To get all the money and lose everything else?
Even parents nowadays are teaching their kids to love money more than understanding the meaning of life and how important it is to care for the world...
I can see how the future generations will become the slave of money...
Some life they'll get...

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