Friday, April 19, 2013

Old & New

Lately, Astro has been playing the Lord of the Rings trilogy for days on HBO.
Me being a huge fan of LOTR, I gladly watch them repeatedly.
It just became very nostalgic, I started to remember again those moments when I was so much in love with the movies that I will count the days till the next movie to hit the cinema, I will buy any magazines that have LOTR pictures in it, I will collect the posters, make sure I always keep up to date with anything new for the next installment.
When the first LOTR came out, which was the Fellowship of the Ring, I was 12...and now I am 24.  Can you imagine that?  12 years later and I am still very much in love with these movies and the trilogy is still my favourite movie of all time.

Now, Peter Jackson gives me something to look forward throughout the year.  With the prequel, The Hobbit.  I gotta admit, the reason I am in love with The Hobbit is mainly because of how it reminds me of LOTR trilogy and I just love that nostalgic feeling so much.
Of course, in comparison with LOTR...The Hobbit doesn't come close in terms of giving me that impact after watching it, even though The Hobbit has better graphic...obviously since it uses all the modern technology.
No movie has ever manage to make me feel the way I did after I watch the first installment of LOTR and no movie has ever manage to make me feel the way I did after I watch the last installment of LOTR.
To have such interest in just amazing because it makes you passionate about something.

I am now counting the days for the second installment for The Hobbit.  Which will be called The Desolation of Smaug.
What I want to see is the appearance of Legolas with his father King Thranduil.
You have no idea how I wish to see that on screen and it is finally coming true.
Amazing feeling indeed.  I manage to find a picture of Orlando Bloom (Legolas) and Lee Pace (King Thranduil) on set while filming and it just got me jumping with joy ^_^

*photo taken from Google Image
The only flaw for me will be...Legolas doesn't look younger than he was in LOTR even though this suppose to be "before" the journey of LOTR =.="
Well, what do you expect, it has been more than 10 years since can't expect all the original cast from LOTR to age like Bejamin Button, right?  Hahaha I can't wait for the trailer of the 2nd installment to come out!!

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