Thursday, April 18, 2013

There and Back Again...

I've been missing for quite awhile, so sorry about that.  Not that I have people reading my blog or anything (at least not that I know of), but still...I have been extremely busy lately.  I am finally on semester break, hooray for that but not for long, semester will start again early of May.  What happened between January-April 2013?  Well, a lot really.

Me, Po Ann and a few other music students were the committee team for this event called Once Upon A Waltz.  It is where people learn to waltz and eat at a fine dining restaurant.  I must say...I am not suitable to be part of committee as long as I am still a music student.  LOL.

I am the concert master for the UCSI Orchestra.  I honestly don't feel like I deserve to sit there, but I did the best I could, I can't please everyone, I know some people publicly questioned my bowings behind my back but don't have the guts to ask me straight to the face about it, which shows to me how much of a coward they really are.  But, let us not go there because that is the nature truth when you are the leader, you can't please everyone and I don't hold any grudges against them because they are my friends afterall and I know I am so much better than that and besides, I should direct my energy to something more beneficial :)

As for my jury, I managed to learn and fully memorized two monster pieces:  Zapateado by Sarasate and Danse Rustique from Solo Sonata No.5 by Ysaye.  I admit, at the beginning of the semester, I thought I can't do it.  I am so glad that I manage to prove myself wrong.  Sure it is not perfect (due to stage fright), but I must say, it is not as horrible as I imagined it would be.  So, that is enough to make me feel relieved.  Also, I got Ying Jie as my accompanist, she is just awesome, a great accompanist, I feel very comfortable playing with her :)
Ying Jie and I ^_^
Next semester, I'll be doing my Final Year Performance 1, a.k.a Jury 5, a.k.a the Concerto Jury.  For this particular jury, I'll be playing the first movement of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor.  I am a little worried to play this concerto because it is such a famous concerto that I'm sure the expectation will be overwhelming.  At the same time, I've wanted to learn this concerto for so long, so, I feel like taking up the challenge and go with it.  Here is the video to the first movement of the concerto.

As for CME, I finally got to play Passacaglia in G minor ^_^  It is not such an easy piece, really challenge your technical mastery.  Jennifer was a little reluctant at first, but we manage to talk it through and go for it anyway.  I have to admit, even though I was at my busiest moments, I try to avoid saying that to people because I don't want to use "I am busy" as an excuse, even though sometimes I can't help it, LOL, but this piece really train to me to manage my time...especially my practice hours.  I definitely practice smarter for this piece, because I have the two monster pieces to learn and memorized, so I make sure I spend less time on this piece but at the same time, make full use of that little amount of time.  I ended my Chamber Music Ensemble subject with a piece that I dreamed of learning, and to add the cherry on top, we got selected to play for the CME concert *yippie*  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to record our performance =(

Jennifer and I after CME concert
I also helped Po Ann for her CME.  She did a Piano Quintet and we played a piano quintet by Dvorak in A major.  Really beautiful piece.  Everyone in her group work so hard and played really well.  Luck was not on her side as her group was not chosen to be part of the CME concert, but I really do believe that it is not because they are not good is just because it is not meant to be.  They did got selected for a chamber masterclass earlier during the semester, so, that's pretty awesome.

After CME, I asked Po Ann, Stephen and Zhiru to help me to record my own composition.  A little awkward I must say because I never let anyone play my composition before.  Long story short, it is one of my earliest composition, super simple and they played it nicely and I am so thankful to they are willing to help me.  Here is a video of it.

What else?  Oh, for the first time I celebrated my birthday in UCSI.  Yes, I turned 24 this year, I am not THAT young anymore, but I will always be young at heart.  LOL.  I celebrated my birthday with Thairy earlier, on April 14, he gave me such a sweet birthday present...a custom made notebook
Us... ^_^

And these are the gifts I received from some of my UCSI friends.  From left to right, Esther gave me charms bracelet, Po Ann gave a very cute rabbit that I can hang on my phone, and Cheryllyn and Fenny gave me the watch :)

Also, I will never forget that right after CME concert, Jiacy and Zhiru surprised me with a birthday cake =)

Lastly, Timothy just did his graduation recital...on my birthday!  Congratulation to him for completing the course...good luck to his future.
Tim with the string majors after his recital
Wow...this has been such a very long post.  Of course, it is not EVERYTHING that happened.  These are probably some of the highlights of the semester.  Well, I should stop now, and I will try to update more regularly while I'm on semester break.  Have a nice day people!!

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