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This is going to be a post of rants.
Okay, tomorrow will be the General Election here in Malaysia.  Big day indeed.
Sadly to say, I ain't gonna vote.
Why?  Non of the candidates deserve a vote from me, I support non of them so why must I give my vote to me selfish all you want, but that is the truth and at least I am brave enough to admit it rather than some people who pretend to support some parties just because everyone else are doing it, but in truth, they don't care.
What I see is mostly people randomly say things that they themselves don't have solid evidence of the truth of it.  Print screen someone's Facebook status or blog or those sort of things are not a strong evidence. For all I know, that person could be paid by other party to make the other party looks bad.  Everything that has been posted online, has too many holes in it that it just can't be considered as a proof.  The only reason people believe in it is because of the amount hatred they have for the other party.  That's the thing, people believe in things based on their hatred, and I must say...these so-called "leaders" are smart, they will try to nurture the hatred and make them grow bigger so they can win the heart of the people for the sake of votes.
I am saying this because 90% of the things I see online, or in the newspaper, or what I hear on the radio or from people's conversation...are mainly rooted on hatred.  So does this mean this country will be managed with hatred as the foundation of it all?

*taken from Tumblr
I care for my country, and frankly speaking...I don't like the direction it is heading.
It is heading to a place where unity among races are going to be even harder to achieve.
It is heading to a place where trust can never be earned between people of different political interests.
People are insulting other people and the worst part is, they don't even know if that is true themselves...they just say it because the "leader" say so...or because people who claim they "know someone from inside the organization" said so.  Come that a strong evidence?  If I say I have a friend who works with some organization and they say these parties actually only promise those things to the people because they want to win votes...will that count as an evidence?  Or, I ask my friend to write their Facebook status in such a way, I print screen them and post it that a good proof to say that it is true?  I believe Malaysians are smarter than this, but because they are rooting too much on just surprises me how clueless some people are.

*taken from Tumblr
Do Malaysia need  a change of air?  Yes, I do think so...but not like this.
I get what is being fought for by both sides, I can see their points and I can see their flaws...
I guess that is the advantage of being neutral, you get to see things from a wider scope.
It is human nature...when you hate someone or something, you will only notice the negative side of the other people.  I know, coz when I hate someone or something...I only see the bad things and I always find ways to point out their flaws...but once I stop hating, I began to notice things that I never notice before.
Which is the reason why it is good to put aside the hatred and anger and look at things from a bigger perspectives.  THAT is what I call being wise.  Not being too focused on the negative but rather, see it from every directions.
I respect everyone's choice when it comes to this political issue, really depends on your reasons for your choice.  Is your reason really because of what you think? Or is it because people say it and you wanna believe it because that is what you want and you don't care if it is true or not...?

The problem with Malaysians, we complain...all the time, but most of us (I say most, not all) rely on other people to create the difference for us rather than us being part of making the difference.
An easy example, people complain how corrupted the police department is...but what they don't realize, is that when they break the law on the road, they are the first one to hand in the money as bribery, and then they use "THAT" as a point to show how corrupted the police department really is.  Can you see how one-sided that is?  Yes, it is wrong for the policemen to take the money, but what about the person who hands in the cash??  
It is pretty much like that in the current political issue, each parties point out mistakes but they don't realize their own mistakes.  No one can be the bigger person to look into the mirror, admit their mistakes, and try to fix it.  They just prefer to give promises to people who don't even realize of the consequences of it because why?  They just hate the other party too much and they just want what is being offered by the party of their choice.

I can go on forever...but I am getting tired of typing.  So I am going to stop here.
To voters, wisely.  Put aside the hatred and just look at it from a bigger point of view.
Don't vote because your family/friends tell you it because of your own rights.

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