Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hey people!
Just wanna share a few stuff.
I went to Sephora a few days ago and bought this

I've been using a lot of make-up for shows lately but I never have a make-up base.  So I thought of buying one to try it out considering I'll have a few events coming up.  I admit the three swirling colours inside the bottle really caught my eyes as I was browsing through the shelves.  LOL

Another one that I want to share with you will be this...

PoAnn went to Bangkok and she bought this cute bracelet for me.
Thank you, it's very nice of you ^_^

Last but not we all know, fasting month is coming pretty soon and Eid will follow soon after that.
I bought some outfits for Raya coz I don't really like last minute shopping coz it'll be too crowded.
*photos taken from
Shoes are probably the only thing that I need now.
My other plan before Eid will probably to take out some clothes that I don't think I'll wear anymore and donate them to people who need it more than I do :)

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