Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's Open the Book Shall We?

Hey people,
It's getting difficult for me to update.  However, I decided to take the time to update something...anything.
Can u see the love for my new case?  LOL, credits to Ayeshah for the picture, and I edited it using PicMonkey.

Last week, I had a gig with a few other musicians, it is a TV recording that will be aired during Eid.
It was my first recording gig.  I've been doing live shows all this time, that it is definitely cool to have this new experience.
In this picture will be the strings musicians with Abang Rudi, our Music Director (MD), the one in the middle.

The makeup this time is actually pretty good, good job to the makeup artist.
What do you think?

To make this post has an interesting end, let me tell you what happened to me this morning.
I was doing my usual stuff, getting ready for class and started to drive to UCSI at the usual time, around 6:20-ish in the morning.
I was driving along the was fine until..........
the car in front of me emergency braked his/her car, I immediately pressed brake, and as I was doing so I saw some cars crashed into the car in front of them, and I saw a few cars involved, the car in front of me managed to change lane and avoid the crash, which was good coz that gives me a big enough space to stop...and I managed to stop, then I looked at my rear view mirror...and I saw the car behind me coming in fast...I pressed the brake even harder coz I know what's coming and I just hope that this car won't push my car to crash to the front car...the impact is really big coz I pressed the brake really hard to prevent it from moving...all my stuff were thrown to the front, thanks for the seat belt for keeping me safe.  I managed to stop my car from crashing into the front car, which was a huge relief for me, at least I only need to deal with the guy who crashed into my car.
As I stepped out of the car...I saw about 6 cars in front of me...smashed into each other...I was like, dafuq?
And I turned around and saw about another 5 cars smashed into each other...and I was like DAFUQQQ?????
12 cars including mine in a single accident??  That's unheard of in my experience of driving.
I actually was thankful that no express bus came crashing in from the back...coz as all Malaysians are aware of bus drivers in Malaysia, particularly express buses can be very dangerous in the highway.  If there was a bus crashing in from the back...I don't know if I will still be here typing this.  I kept thanking God for not making the situation worse, I thanked God for keeping me (and my violin) safe from harm.
My car is not that bad, aside from the bumper halfway coming out, can't open the boot of my car anymore and can't lock my car using the can still function normally.

Well...what a day right?  An epic way to miss class.  Hahaha.

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