Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm here!!!!!

Goodness me where have I been?
Hahaha, sorry folks, I've been a little busy with life as a student lately.
What's up?  Many things until I don't know where to start.
However, I don't want to bore you with my life, so let me just say a few things.

On June 29.  I had a gig at 8TV for this Chinese singing competition.  It was live on TV.
Played for one contestant which I don't know the name coz he never talked to us...which I found inappropriate coz you're the composer and we're playing your song...can't we get a little simple "thank you"? -_-||
Anyway, it was an easy gig for me...played it with Po Ann, Cheryl and Sophia.
From left:  Po Ann, Cheryl, Wani (Me) and Sophia

The next day, June 30, I watched Despicable Me 2 with Thairy.
Loved it, laughed my ass off.
Those who enjoy the first movie, it is a must watch because in my opinion, the sequel is so much better than the first one ^_^

Then some other day, sent my violin for service+maintenance.  Will get it back this Saturday ^_^

Also, today was my student's violin exam.  I hope it went well, according to her accompanist, which is Wendy, also a friend of mine...she played it steadily and quite well.  Which was a huge relief.  I hope she will succeed in her grade 5 exam.

What else?  I bought something online again.  I know...some of you might go... "AGAIN????"
LOL.  I bought this for RM89.90, a jacket from Nichii.
Image taken from
I guess that should be it for today,
will try to be as regular as I possibly can.

Oh yes, before I bid is already the 2nd day of Ramadhan,
Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims worldwide ^_^

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