Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Far Will You Go?

That one word is so important in this age of life that some people look at money as something more superior than God.
The phrase; "Everyone has a price" might be true.
At one point, there will be a moment in our life where we will be attracted to a certain amount of money.
The question far will you go?

Taken from Tumblr
I am a person who truly understand the importance of money but somehow refuse to be a slave of one.
I guess some people will call me an idiot.  I know for some people earning more money is a priority to them especially if they are from a poor family background, or parents who need to raise their kids and can only think of ways to earn enough money to raise them well.
I can understand that...I might not truly understand it but at least I can understand the reason of them needing to have money as their priority.
That's the key word; need.  Some people need it while others just want them.
Honestly, sometimes I feel like those who want the money tend to get them easier than those who really need it.

It is so easy to say don't do things for the sake of it coz you love it.
I want to be able to do it...more than anything.
So I always try to earn some money in order to be able to reach there.
And there you have it...I still need to earn some money to reach there...the word "money" just keep popping up again and again.
Coz it doesn't matter how much you hate much as you want to do something out of love, you still need to figure out a way to keep the food on the table.  Especially if you need to feed more than just yourself.

I wish I don't have to work my ass off for a year to get a smartphone...
I wish I don't have to work my ass off for 2 years to get myself a new laptop...
I wish I can just study anywhere I want in this world without thinking of how to support myself in a foreign country.
I wish I can just get away from this money-sucking world.

Taken from Tumblr
I get envious over my friends who don't have to work for a year to get a new smartphone.
I get jealous over my friends who can own all the latest gadgets, travel the world, own all the designer's stuff there is without worrying about how much money it will cost.
I get envious over my friends who can turn down gigs just because they don't want it.
I wish I can do that...but I can't, coz I need to be financially independent in order to support myself, that's pretty much the only way for me to do something out of love and interest.
So, in order to do things that I love free of charge, I need to do other things that can keep me financially stable.

However...I won't complain so much about my life...
Yes, the "envious" feelings are there...but at the same time, I know...I'm lucky to be able to earn some money to support myself.
I would consider myself still quite fortunate to be able to get jobs.
Also, I am kinda glad that I need to work my ass off to get something that I want coz it teaches me to be more appreciative of the things I own.
And I love the fact that I love music and I get to earn money by doing the thing that I love...which is music!

Yes, money is's pretty much everything to everyone nowadays...
However, I don't think it should be controlling you.
As important as it might be to you, I guess it is also important for us to let loose and enjoy life a little.
There are things in life that can give us great happiness without costing a single dime.
We just have to open our eyes to see it.

So...the question remains...
How far will you go for the sake of money?

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