Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Outing of the Semester

Yesterday, I went to Midvalley for yet another time.
This time, I went out for lunch at Sushi Zanmai...well, not really Midvalley, The Gardens actually.
I rarely eat at a sushi restaurant, so it is definitely a different flavour from what I'm used to.
It's nice.
Last week I went out for the "Dvorak Quintet" and this time I went out for the "Flower Duet Trio"
I know, the name is confusing...why is it a duet and then a trio?  LOL.
Explanation time:  It is originally written for two sopranos and orchestra, which is why the name "Flower Duet" made more sense.  In our version, Ying Jie played the piano replacing the orchestra while How Keen and I played the soprano parts which turned our ensemble into a trio.  So it becomes the "Flower Duet" Trio.  Hahahaha.  
I traveled by KTM, and I manage to not shop, hahaha!  Amazing.  All because I was lazy to carry stuff into the train because I was worried I might left something behind.

We were too hungry that we didn't take any picture of the food for blog update.  Hahaha.
We took only one picture.
This lunch officially marks the end of my semester.
Will start my internship in September, and my final semester will be in January 2014.
How time flies =)

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