Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Life of Drama

Lately I have been emotionally exhausted over many things.
As a matter of fact, this semester has been emotionally and mentally challenging.
No, not in terms of academic, but more in terms of the people that I'm working with.
My patience has been tested as well as my professionalism.

I see different sides of people.
Things that I thought in my head but never say it out loud coz I don't know about the truth of it and has been confirmed to be true.
How I always think someone already has a bad attitude but turn out it is even worse then what I had imagined.

I am not talking about UCSI students only, it pretty much include everyone in my life so far within this semester.
I won't go into details because that is not necessary.
I admit no one in this world is perfect.
Not even me.

But you know...there is limitation to how far I can handle it also.
I mean...don't be so egoistic.
People make mistakes, apologize is sometimes a good thing.
Admitting you are wrong but not apologizing is different from sincerely sorry for what happened out of your own action.

I mean...I'm sure you've been in the situation where you know you are wrong but you are not sorry about it, right?
Same concept.

I am so exhausted of all these dramas circulating my life right now.

And I hate the fact that sometimes people used a word at a wrong timing.
Such as the difference between "accusation" and "honesty"
It is surprising how people tend to get these two words mixed up.

My life is currently full of egos and dramas that I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up with it.

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