Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shop Till You Drop

I went online shopping again today.
Haha.  As if I had nothing better to do =P

I bought two items.

Item #1
*picture taken from
Item #2
*picture taken from
For item #1, I've always wanted a more casual looking dress, but every time I went to an actual store, it always cost over RM100.  So, I found one that is less than RM100 and it kind of how I want, maxi dress with I thought, why not.  Haha.

Item #2, like the first item, I've been looking for this.  This is a little more expensive than the dress but still under RM100.  Since I don't wear minis...obviously I will be treating this like a top and wear it with a pair of jeans or something.  I think it can be treated as both mini dress or as a top.  I've seen people use it in both ways ^_^

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