Monday, August 19, 2013


I want to type about some outing that I did with some friends last Friday, which was August 16.

I went to watch Lisha's Graduation Recital, 
what can I say, she's a good performer as well as a good pianist, it was a good recital.  Congratulations to her ^_^

After that, Zhiru and I went to Midvalley, 
we're going to watch a movie with Po Ann and Ken, her boyfriend.
We were deciding between RIPD or Smurf 2 coz those were the only movie within the time that we want coz we were waiting for Stephen and Cheryl to finish their quartet practice and meet up with us for dinner.

In the end, we watched Smurf 2...I won't say that it was super duper was so-so.
Good to see Neil Patrick Harris on screen again, love that guy :)

After movie, we met up with Stephen and Cheryl at the Spaghetti Grill to finally have our "Dvorak Quintet" dinner as Po Ann and Zhiru promised since April.  LOL.

We had some great food.
Some great laughs.

It was a fun day out.  I rarely hang out with my friends from UCSI.
My journey in UCSI is coming to an end in less than a year and it's sad to say that I hang out with friends from UCSI off campus less than 5 times.  So, having this means a lot to me.

I don't have that many friends...mainly because I can be a little anti-social sometimes, so, it's nice to have this moment.  Hopefully more will come in the future.
I love hanging out with them ^_^

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