Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yuna & Orkestra Simfoni Kebangsaan

Hey everyone!
My first week of internship has been quite busy so far.
Last week, my first week, happened to be Yuna's concert with the NSO (or OSK, same thing, dual language)
So I played for the gig...and I must say, she brought the quality of live performance music in this country to a whole new level.
Her voice, nice...the arrangement...amazing!  Performance by No Noise Percussion was awesome as well!!
Not only all the crews involved were humble...but Yuna was so nice last week.  She's down-to-earth, friendly and it's nice working with her.

But of course, there'll always be people who can't stand other people's happiness/success.
I found out there's one video of Yuna from 2006 that went viral because it was a video audition from before she became a famous singer in the country, and apparently people said it's sucks.  Well, tell you what...I'm glad her singing sucked back in 2006 because it shows how much she has grown and improved both as a person and as a singer.  It shows how she worked hard to improve herself.  Haters will always hate.  You can say all the bad things that you want, she's now recording her music in the US, and those people who gave mindless and negative criticism based on a video from 8 years ago...where are you now?  Are you as successful as she is now?  If not, then you should start looking at yourself more and start cleaning yourself up =.="

Anyway, back to Yuna & OSK lasted for 4 nights, the first night is Media Preview concert.
Full house for all 4 nights!!  Amazing.

Yuna and I ^_^
Also, she brought in a special guest during her concert.
Her producer, Mike Einziger, who is also the guitarist from Incubus.
Awesome as well, I managed to get a picture with him :D
With Mike Einziger >.<
That is pretty much it for now.
I'll be going to Brunei tomorrow for ASEAN-Russia Symphony Orchestra.
So, until next time.

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