Monday, December 23, 2013

Retail Therapy . Distraction

Hi everyone.  Let me just start this post by saying I'm not in a very healthy emotion state of mind.  There are too many negative thoughts and feelings inside of me right now that it just drained my energy.  I feel tired all the time, my body ache, and many other things.  So yesterday, I did a little retail therapy session with Tity, my friend from UiTM that I haven't seen for quite some time.  It was good to catch up with each other, heart-to-heart conversation and just shop like there's no tomorrow.  We were in KLCC and Avenue K.  I shopped in Mango, H&M and Redeye.  Non of the things I bought were the things I need, all of them were pretty much things that I want =P

Leopard print top and red pants are from Mango, I got the little headband on top of the red pants from Redeye and the leather shoes and leather journal from H&M.  It was a good distraction for me, it didn't last long of course, but still, it was a good distraction.  I don't think I can do it again, I spent way too much =/ but it will be nice to get more distractions so I won't think too much about everything around me and in the end drag me into depression state of mind.  I think I will stop here today, thanks Tity for going out with me and being a good listener and friend.  Also, thanks to my other friends, Azam, Po Ann and Saw for the moral support.  Nice to know I have people to turn to when I'm depressed ^_^

We get to use the Photo Booth coz we spent more than RM200.  Haha

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