Monday, January 27, 2014

Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-28

Well, a big event occurred yesterday in the Malaysia's Music Industry.  Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-28.  Yup, this event is older than me.  Hahahaha.  AJL28 will be the 4th AJL I was involved with.  It is such a prestige event for the Music Industry, so it is cool to be part of it.  If I want to say anything that I dislike about the whole management about being PUNCTUAL.  Seriously, Malaysians are among the most difficult people to rely on when it comes to punctuality.  We were asked to standby at 2:30pm and yet we started at 6:30pm.  So yeah, imagine not doing anything for 4 bloody hours all thanks to "technical difficulties" that seems to ALWAYS happened.  Imagine if we were paid by hours...damn...I will be rich.  Hahahaha.  I heard that in the US, that's how things work, if you were told to be there from 4-10pm, then the musicians can leave at exactly 10pm regardless of any "technical difficulties" and they have their own union to protect the musicians' rights.  Which is so cool, I wish we have that here in Malaysia.

Anyway, putting that aside, kudos to the sound engineer this year, I heard a lot of good feedback regarding the sound.  So, that is a good improvement.  I think for this kind of event, the people in charge of the sound has such a big responsibility.  It doesn't matter how good the musicians are, if you can't get the right sound...then it'll still be bad.  So yeah, good job to those in charge of the sound.  You guys did well ^_^

As for the results, I am fine with it.  I think it's quite predictable and in a way, fair.  Jaclyn Victor won Best Vocal for Ikut Rentakku.  Hafiz won the Best Performance for Bahagiamu Deritaku.  Third place went to Altimet with Kalau Aku Kaya.  Second place is Hyper Act with Hanya Aku.  The winner is Hafiz...with the same song.  So, congratulations to all the winners.  Enjoy your victory.

Here are some random pictures ^_^

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