Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be Brave

Hello dear readers.

Lately, I have been doing a lot things based on what my heart tells me.  It is a big deal to me because I have forgotten about that voice in my heart that leads me to what I really want to be and what I really want to choose.  I have been focusing on the darker side of life for far too long, so it is indeed a big step for me when I chose to take a different path.  There are a few people in my life that really drove me into this more positive state of mind.  Two people being the reason behind it with a few others with their never ending support.  I truly am grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

I admit, there are times when I still don't know how things will turn out to be like in the future.  However, I have come to realize that it is not worth worrying about.  All I want to do now is to know where and how I want to be in the future and just move into that direction.  I believe that everything is possible.  I won't say that it is easy, but...it is possible.  So, I am taking things slowly, and move towards a better life.  Best of all, I am not worried about how the roads will be like, because I know, I will get there :)

Also, for the past weeks, I discovered how truly important gratitude is to life.  I never thought I can feel so much gratitude about life.  I never thought there are so many things in life that I have been taken for granted.  Indeed, being grateful is definitely one of the strongest tools to stay positive and stay away from that dark miserable road of depression.  I know some people might say that it is natural not to be grateful when you are upset.  I have to disagree, because it is all a matter of choice.  The right thing to do is never the easiest.  To fight against depressing situation or difficulties that life throws at you needs no small amount of courage especially if you are doing it alone.  BUT...it is a matter of choice.  How much do you want change?  How much do you want to be in a better mood?  I would say some of the things that I find very important to stay positive are faith, gratitude, hope, and believing that there's a rainbow at the other side of the road...always.  You have to be positive if you want positivity.  You cannot expect to gain some positivity when all you do is talk about all the things that you don't want to come in your life.  You see, the change starts from you.  Just as the late Michael Jackson said in his song; I'm starting with the man in the mirror...

So please, stop blaming others for your misery because it doesn't matter anymore.  Nothing good will come out of it.  You may get sympathy from others, but do you really want to live your life on sympathy of others for the rest of your life?  Misery is just a state of mind, it is just something that your brain is focusing on too much.  You are in control of your own life, you choose your own path, you create your own ending.  So, how do you want it to be like?  Think about that, and believe that you will get there.  Open your eyes and look at all the great things around you.  There are so many things to be grateful about.  Love yourself because how do you expect people to love you if you don't?  Be brave to take that first step out of the misery that you yourself lock yourself in.  Be brave... ^_^

*taken from Tumblr

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