Friday, February 21, 2014

It is coming

Some of you might not know, but I am in my final semester.  Will complete my 3 years worth of study in UCSI very soon.  How time flies, so many things happened.  All the ups and downs, and it all leads to the big moment in April.  My Graduation Recital.  It sounds so grand, so big.  Everyone fears the day when they need to perform for their Graduation Recital.  Is it suppose to be scary?  Can it not be scary?  I guess it can.  There is nothing good or bad about performing.  What counts is how you feel towards it.  If you have positive thoughts about it, then I guess you will see it as a good thing.  Of course, most students pay attention to the negative side, such as "can I prepare this in time?" "can I memorize everything?" "do I have enough time?" "will they like my performance?" and so on.  It is indeed a scary thought when we focus more on that.  I admit, I do that too sometimes.  However, I am trying my very best to pay attention at the brighter side, like "I am graduating" "My friends are coming to support me" "I am sharing my passion of music with other people" "All the hard works are paying off!" and many more.

Just now, I bought my concert dress online.  I do most of my shopping online when it comes to buying dresses.  I chose a very simple dress.  Mainly because I want to showcase my music, not my sense of fashion.  I chose something that looks comfortable, and represents me.  I don't wear sleeveless or bareback or low cut outfits, so of course my dress will come with sleeves and looks very modest.  LOL.  The moment I paid for the dress, it just hit me; wow, I really am doing this.  I really am graduating.  Honestly, that feels...surprisingly peaceful and light with some dose of happiness and excitement topped with the feeling of gratitude.  Hahaha, am I making any sense?

Well, now I can start focusing to the future.  I have my plans, and I believe everything is possible if I put my heart into it.  I will maintain my positive energy throughout my journey to the top.  I am getting there, I'm sure ^_^

Well, before I end this post...let me just put a picture of my dress.  It is no surprise, I don't mind sharing it in advance.  Like I said, it is not the dress that I want to showcase to people, it is the music :)

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