Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For Thairy ^_^

Happy 24th Birthday!!
How do you like my Birthday e-Card that I made for you?  It only took a moment, wasn't that hard to put together.
I wanted to put more things that you like such as Batman, Sherlock Holmes (either the series one, or the classic illustration), and then there's Bengal cats, or Iron Man, some Korean stuff...The Hobbit perhaps?  Or was that only my thing...but then, there wasn't enough space T^T
I think it is very very cool that you get to celebrate your birthday in Korea this year, I hope you get to go to Jeju Island, I remember how you really want to go there, and that place is very beautiful, just as beautiful as New Zealand ^_^  (but I still like New Zealand more!)
I hope you will be happy, I really do.
When you manage to get a place in one of the music schools in UK (or anywhere) for your Master...can I be among the first to know?  It's just a hope...I want to hear it from you and congratulate you when that happen.  I'm sure it will, I have faith in you...to the moon and back!! ^_^
You are a nice person, with a nice personality, with a nice family to come with all that.  You are one lucky man, and I wish you success and joy.  Leave no room for regrets!
If you are ever in trouble, or if you are feeling left alone...not sure if this will help, but know that I'm here for you.  Always :)

Happy Birthday ^_^

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