Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stupid and Crazy Things in the Name of Love?

Have you ever love someone so much, that you will go to any distance just to put a smile on his/her face?  Have you ever experienced unconditional love?  Have you ever believe in your love so deeply, that it does not matter what others might think?  Can someone really love that much?  Can we really love someone endlessly like how we see in movies?  I believe that everything is possible, so I won't push away the possibilities of endless love.

*taken from Tumblr
I know how it feels like to love someone unconditionally.  I know how it feels like to continue to believe in the love you have, even if everyone or everything seems to be pointing to the opposite direction.  I still feel that way.  Some people might ask me to grow up and move on.  Some people will ask me to give up and let go of the past.  Some people might say I'm desperate and naive.  So much more that people can say, but heart still believes.  I admit, there are some moments when I feel like: what is the point of all this, I mean, he has been ignoring me as if I'm already dead, so why do I even bother to try and make him happy?  Truth is, I don't have a specific answer to that.  All I can say is that it is an act of genuine love.  I did what I did purely because I want to make him happy.  Sometimes, there are also a voice in my head that says: maybe if you just leave him alone, he'll be happier.  I admit, there is a possibility.  However, when I do just doesn't feels right.  I believe that my heart will know if it is time to stop.  

*taken from Tumblr
I guess it is debatable.  I know there are many people out there who will give their opinions or advices and say what I'm doing is not healthy.  I will not say that they are wrong, maybe they are indeed right.  However, right now, I just need to follow my heart.  Just let me go through all of this phase in my life, so that I can learn to grow and see life differently.  Who knows, something really magnificent can come out from this.  As of now, there's only one man that is constantly in my mind from the moment I wake up, until I go back to bed.  Yes, he has been ignoring me, and yes, sometimes it hurts to be invisible.  But I know, if I can make him smile and feel happy and appreciated, even if it is just a will all be worth it.  

*taken from Tumblr
You don't have to agree with what I wrote.  You don't even have to feel sorry.  Because I certainly am not.  I know this will lead to something amazing.  Nothing in this life happens without a reason.  If I push away what my heart believes, then I will never know the reason behind any of it and I will never be happy.  That's why I don't bother what other people might say.  Because if it feels right in your heart, then go for it.  Be true to your heart, and stop thinking about the unknown possibilities.  Sometimes, we just need to take that leap of faith.  Whatever the outcomes, always look at the brighter side of the room and believe that everything happens for a reason.  You just have to learn to see it ^_^

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