Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life's Little Joy

Considering how adorable animals behave when they are being curious and smart are always a joy to watch.  I love animals.  I love them even more when they make me laugh, or make me cry out of happiness for how wonderful they can be.  I love how all my cats can make me laugh and smile when I'm feeling down, and at the same time annoyed me and get on my nerves when I'm in a very good mood, but I still love them nonetheless.  Animals are important in our ecosystem, as well as our lives.  To those who hate animals, I truly...deeply...feel sorry for you.  To those who tortured animals for money...I truly...deeply...hope that you realize the horrible thing that you are doing and stop.  We, as humans, have the power to make the world a better place...and at the same time...have the power to destroy it.  It is sad to see how greedy humans are, especially those who already have more than enough to support them for a lifetime.  Out of all these negativity from us, animals, especially our pets, still think the best of us.  Love them, love animals.  If they can make you laugh by being themselves, then why can't we protect them and give them a good life that they clearly deserve?

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