Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New York Experience

It's been less than a week since I got back from New York, but the memories of staying for nearly two weeks still very much alive in my head.  It opens up my eyes towards the music and film industry, it shows me the ups and downs of being a film scorer.  I also discovered the "independent" side of me.  I had so much fun, I learned a lot.  Best memory so far of 2014.  One of the reason I ventured to NYC is because (a) I want to see the world of film scoring, and figure out if this is what I want to be seriously involve in, and (b)  I just need a break from my life, I have been so depressed about my life to the point where I was just not happy about living.  I needed a break from the family pressure, my not-yet-healed-heart from my previous relationship, stress of the future, and many more.  It helps in a way that it reduced my depression level, so now I kinda have a goal that I can focus on, but then of course, I will still need to face all my problems eventually.

Washington Square Park
I know now that I really am interested in film scoring and not just the idea of it.  However, I am still deciding on which one I should pursue; orchestral performance or film scoring.  I got a great idea from a friend back in NY who suggested to me to take MMus in orchestral performance, and at the same time do the Berklee Online course for Master's Certificate in film scoring.  Well, it is a certificate, not really MMus, but to have Berklee in your resume does worth something.  Besides, it saves me from the trouble of choosing and instantly gives me the pleasure of doing both.  What I need to figure out now is either I can handle it or not, and if I can afford it or not.  To do MMus, I will definitely apply for a student loan, depending on how much I will get, I think I will decide either I can do the Berklee Online course or not.  I guess we'll find out.

Lunch at Central Park
Anyway, back to New York experience.  It has been an inspirational trip for me, hearing what the professionals have to say, and hearing them sharing about their experience working as a film scorer.  It kinda gives me some hope of becoming a film scorer one day.  During the trip, I also met wonderful bunch of people.  Lillie, Aidan and Amy, the great and fun roomies one could ever wish for.  I also met some brilliant other people such as Alex, Michael Markowski, Mike Miller, Nicole, Sarah, Breffni, and a few other talented folks.  I gained some idea of writing and motives through what the participants of this workshop did.  To sum it all up, it has been a great adventure.  One that I will cherish forever :)

Sky of Times Square

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